Do You Need Solar Batteries?

Solar battery storage is an excellent solution for many solar energy lovers. It allows us to store energy generated by our solar panels or solar tiles and save it for times when our solar system wouldn’t be producing energy (the most basic example being nighttime). 

But the question is – do YOU need solar batteries. Let’s go over a few demographics of customers who would benefit from solar batteries the most. 

Do You Need Solar Batteries? - Our Answer

Emergency Backup

If your solar panels are connected to the grid, they will not work if there is a power outage. A battery backup system will protect your home or business activities. Batteries can be installed without a solar system for emergency use, however solar panels allow the batteries to be recharged even when the grid is down.

Off-Grid Independence

If you wish to be self-sufficient or don’t have access to the grid, batteries allow you to use your solar electricity when and when you need it. This application is best suited for low-consumption buildings and/or building owners that wish to ensure that their facilities are entirely powered by renewable energy.

Consumption Optimization

With consumption management, you can keep tabs on your electricity costs. By eliminating utility demand costs, commercial buildings can save thousands of dollars, while residential buildings can avoid paying higher rates during peak hours.


Solar battery storage is not for everybody, but still a good number of solar panel users would benefit from it, especially in Florida.

If you’re looking to set up your own solar battery storage, call Florida Solar Energy Group and get started today!

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