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Our Solar Panel Services in Florida

Solar Panel Installation

With plenty days of sunshine each year, Florida lives up to its name. As a Floridian, you may take advantage of your sunny days by adopting solar panels.

Our solar panel installation service involves, as the name suggests, an installation of a solar energy system, which includes solar panels, solar inverter, and a solar monitoring system.

Thanks to hefty property tax and sales tax exemptions, as well as beneficial incentives like net metering schemes, your solar panels can save you money even when you’re not at home. These rebates and solar initiatives help make Florida an attractive place for property owners to think about going solar, adding to the state’s great solar potential.

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Solar Panel Maintenance

You’ll want to keep your solar panels in good shape once they’ve been placed in your Florida house so that they can work efficiently for as long as possible. Fortunately, solar panels are pretty simple to maintain. 

Our solar panel maintenance service involves cleaning which should be performed at least once a year, and repairs. 

Problems with your solar panels or other system components, such as your solar inverter, can have an impact on system performance and energy generation. Call Florida Solar Energy Group if you’ve observed a decrease in the amount of electricity your solar system produces, or if there is physical damage to your panels or racking. We can examine your system and decide what maintenance and repair services are required.

Solar Roof

Solar roofs are a sophisticated and attractive solar solution that thrives in the Florida sun. Close up and from the street, the seamless glass tile design is stunning. Your home will look great at any time of day with the clean aesthetic!

Engineered by Tesla, solar roofs are built to withstand the elements in Florida. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, winding, or shining!

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Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is a type of solar energy that uses specially designed solar panels to capture heat from the sun.

Solar pool heating panels are black in color and constructed of a specific polymer blend that each manufacturer uses. If you drive through any neighborhood in Florida, you’ll notice a lot of houses with enormous black panels on the top. Solar pool heating systems are what those are. In Southwest Florida, solar pool heating is highly common. We are, in fact, one of the country’s top marketplaces for this type of solar panel.

Want to heat your lovely pool with solar energy? Florida Solar Energy Group is the company that can help you achieve this goal.  

Solar Battery Storage

Storms and winds in Florida can be quite unpredictable, so don’t be caught off guard. Our clean and affordable home solar battery storage system can put you in charge.

In Florida, you may have comprehensive home backup with a Tesla Powerwall. You may also use an LG Chem solar battery to back up only the rooms you need. Best of all, both of our battery storage systems require no upfront payment, and all monthly plans feature our industry-leading solar guarantee, allowing you to relax. When the next storm hits, you’ll have clean energy to propel you ahead.

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