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Solar roofs are a sophisticated and attractive solar solution that thrives in the Florida sun. Close up and from the street, the seamless glass tile design is stunning. Your home will look great at any time of day with the clean aesthetic!

Engineered by Tesla, solar roofs are built to withstand the elements in Florida. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, winding, or shining!

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Solar Roof FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about solar roofs

Solar shingles are well worth the investment, especially for homeowners who need a new roof but wish to keep the looks and performance of their existing roof. Because solar shingles and solar tiles are more durable than regular shingles, multifunctional roof coverings can be considered a long-term investment.

It is feasible to run a house solely on solar energy. Going entirely off the grid, on the other hand, necessitates a significant financial and time commitment.

Though the roof is pricey—a two-story, 2,000 square foot, 11.28 kW Solar Roof costs just over $55,000 before incentives, presuming you’re replacing the previous roof—designed it’s to save money in the long term by lowering or eliminating a homeowner’s electricity bill entirely.

Does solar power increase the value of a home? Absolutely. Tesla solar roofs, in particular, are an excellent choice for energy savings, a reduced carbon footprint, and a stylish modern appearance. Installing one will also boost the value of your home.

This system, according to Tesla, will produce 25-32 kWh per day, or $3.21-$4.10 per day at current rates. The system will pay for itself in about 8-12 years if the rate remains consistent.

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