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With the energy costs rising and solar panel costs dropping, installing solar panels in Marco Island, Florida has become a no-brainer decision. The more time passes, the shorter payback period do Marco Island solar panels have. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just postpone solar panel installation for as long as possible.

Government currently offers a tax credit for solar panels, with the credit equalling 26%. This credit won’t last forever, as it will drop to 22% the next year (more about this later). So if you were thinking of going solar, NOW is the perfect time.

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Do Solar Panels Save You Money?

Solar panels from Florida Solar Energy Group are built to endure 25 to 30 years and generally pay for themselves within the first few years, thanks to numerous solar financial incentives in Marco Island and the rest of Florida. The time it takes for your solar panel system to pay for itself will vary depending on its size and how much power you consume, but even if it takes eight to ten years to pay for itself, you’ll still have around 20 years of entirely free electricity.

Many Florida cities have 230 to 270 days of sunshine each year on average. When compared to the US national average of 205 days of sunshine per year, this is an incredible amount. This will help you get your return on investment much faster than you would in most states.

Florida Solar Rights Act

The Florida Solar Rights Act protects homeowners in Marco Island and the rest of Florida from being blocked by HOAs from installing solar panels. While this is fantastic news, keep in mind that while you cannot be prevented from installing solar panels, you may face some restrictions (for example, where exactly would you be able to put solar panels on your roof). These limitations, however, will not be arbitrary or unjustified.

How Solar Energy Can Boost Your Home Resale Value.

Solar Financial Incentives in Marco Island

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit is a deduction that you can claim on your federal income tax return. Instead of a fixed monetary amount, this tax credit is dependent on a percentage of the cost of constructing a household solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Currently, the tax credit is set at 26% of the entire cost of your solar panel system.

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Net Metering

Residential and commercial customers who generate extra electricity can transfer it back to the grid and receive a credit – this is called net metering

With net metering, the homeowner is only charged for the “net” energy spent each month, which is the difference between the energy produced by the solar power system and the energy consumed by the house during the billing period.

Sales Tax Exemption

Solar Sales Tax Exemption means you won’t have to pay sales tax on your new solar energy system! That’s a 6% discount above what you’d spend otherwise.

Property Tax Exemption

The installation of solar panels usually results in a significant boost in the value of your home. (On average, homeowners perceive a 4.1% boost in their house value as a result of solar panels.) In Marco Island and the rest of Florida, homeowners who see their property values rise are exempt from paying higher property taxes. In other words, the value of a home increases, but homeowners do not have to pay any additional taxes.

Licensed Solar System Installer in Marco Island, Florida

Florida Solar Energy Group provides premier solar panel installation in Marco Island FL. We are certified to install your solar panels and can repair virtually any solar panel system on the market. Homeowners, business owners, and nonprofit organizations are all served by our staff. To discover more about our solar solutions for your home or company, contact us now.

Our Solar Services

Solar Panel Installation Marco Island FL

For years, Florida Solar Energy Group and its skilled team of solar panel installation professionals have provided solar panel installation services in Marco Island and the state of Florida, installing thousands of solar panels in the process.

Look no further than Florida Solar Energy Group if you’re seeking for a team of solar energy professionals who will work tirelessly until they meet your needs.

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Solar Panel Maintenance Marco Island FL

Florida Solar Energy Group is here to look after your solar energy system for the rest of its life—which is usually 25 years or more! While we keep a close eye on every system we install, we encourage you to contact us if you believe your solar panels require repair or maintenance. 

We provide solar panel maintenance to both residential and commercial customers.

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Solar Roof Marco Island FL

You can now have access to solar energy while also having a gorgeous roof! Tesla’s Solar Roof combines energy savings with the aesthetic appeal of a modern roof. Thanks to your Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall, your lights will stay on even if your neighbors lose power.

Tesla is concerned about the condition of every roof they sell. Tesla roofs can only be purchased and installed by an authorized installer. Florida Solar Energy Squad is authorized to install solar roofs in Marco Island and the entire state of Florida.

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Solar Pool Heating Marco Island FL

Solar pool heating is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for you and your family to keep your pool warm and welcoming even during the winter months. Contrary to popular perception, there is enough solar energy throughout the entire year, even during the fall and the winter, to reheat your pool to summer temperatures.

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Solar Battery Storage Marco Island FL

Solar battery storage systems are a cost-effective method to safeguard your home and family from power disruptions. If you’ve been thinking about installing a solar battery storage system in your home, now is the time to do it—with our help! When it comes to a solar battery system, Florida Solar Energy Group will make sure you’re prepared. When you lose electricity, a solar battery backup system kicks in to provide energy for what you need, such as fridge, phones, and lighting.

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Learn More About Marco Island

Marco Island is a small sea island, or barrier island, on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Located 20 miles (32 km) south of Naples in Collier County, Florida it is 198 nautical miles to Havana. It is the largest of the Ten Thousand Islands. Marco Island is an affluent beach and boating resort island with a small-town character. It is home to the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort and Hilton Marco Island Resort, a golf club, a yacht club, a country club, several parks, and nature areas. The six-mile crescent beach on Marco Island is among the widest in Florida and features bright white, sugar sand, and bountiful shelling opportunities. There are two public access locations with parking and amenities (Tigertail and South Beach), a private beach complex for residents (Residents’ Beach), and a private parking area for residents (Sarazen Park at South Beach), and two other public access points (with no amenities). Access to offshore island beaches, such as Keewaydin, are conveniently accessed by boat or tour. Marco is close to the shopping and restaurants of Naples.

Marco Island is a principal city of the Naples–Marco Island Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 15,760 at the 2020 census.[citation needed] It was ranked as the sixth most affluent metro area in the nation.[citation needed] The population more than doubles in size during the winter season. A daily ferry connects the island to Key West.

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