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With plenty days of sunshine each year, Florida lives up to its name. As a Floridian, you may take advantage of your sunny days by adopting solar panels.

Our solar panel installation service involves, as the name suggests, an installation of a solar energy system, which includes solar panels, solar inverter, and a solar monitoring system. 

Thanks to hefty property tax and sales tax exemptions, as well as beneficial incentives like net metering schemes, your solar panels can save you money even when you’re not at home. These rebates and solar initiatives help make Florida an attractive place for property owners to think about going solar, adding to the state’s great solar potential.

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Solar Panel Installation FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about solar panel installation

In general, solar is a good investment in Florida. Generous electricity buy-back rates, the Florida state sales tax exemption, the property tax exemption, and the Federal Solar Tax Rebate all combine to provide an appealing solar payback period of 11 years on average, making solar in Florida well worth it.

There is no statewide solar tax credit in Florida. However, all Florida utilities allow consumers to use net metering, Florida solar households are qualified for the federal solar tax credit, and some municipal governments in the state may give their own tax incentives.

If your system generates more energy than you require, the excess is sold to utility companies. This amount is used as credit on your electric bill. 

You must be the owner of the property, not a tenant. Solar panels must be owned rather than leased. All electrical and fire codes must be followed. Solar panels bought with a loan are also eligible.

With the common-sized 250-watt solar panels, a family in Florida that uses an annual average of 14,560 kWh of power would be able to fulfill its electrical needs with an estimated 39-48 panels.

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